Main Building

ház Our main building was an officers' casino (mess) around the turn of the century. High ranked soldiers – stationed in the Káli Basin – enjoyed theirs evenings and meals in this beautiful house (and so will you today)
kézimunka The building was bought in 1996, restored carefully – keeping every ancient detail – and furnished with antiques.

The building consists of the dining room, the kitchen, the office, the wine cellar, the studio and the library. Our library is equipped with books, tv and a stereo. We also have a 50 year old radio set (which we still use).

On colder days we serve snacks, cofee, tea, drinks in the house. In the summer you can also have these things outside in the garden. Your food and drinks is served on antique plates with antique cutlery.

The ceiling was left untouched to keep the original fresco. We respect traditions and fall for ancient work.